Why People Give

They want to make the world a better place.

They want to be remembered.

They want to repay a favor.

They want to help maintain, or even expand local services.

They want their children to enjoy a standard of living at least as good as theirs.

They feel that donating to a charity is good business.

Types of Occasional or Regular Cash Gifts

Memorial Gifts – maybe made direct to the Foundation or through a funeral home

Special Occasions – gifts in recognition of a birthday, anniversary, or some other special occasion

Annual Appeals – gifts given in response to an appeal for some specific equipment

Payroll Deduction – allows your employer to deduct an amount of your choosing from your salary each pay period

Monthly Giving – sign up for the Community of Caring monthly giving program

Ways of Giving

1. Gifts of Cash: occasional or regular, are the main source of revenue for all charities. These gifts provide Donors with tax receipts for the current year and require little commitment for the future.

2. Gifts In Kind: property, bonds, etc., also provide current tax receipts, pending evaluation of the property, which could be as large as real estate or a smaller item such as a wheelchair that the Donor no longer requires.

3. Bequest: is one of the easiest methods to establish. It is part of the Donor’s will, and can be revoked at any time. His/her capital remains accessible, but tax benefits occur only for the estate after death.

4. Life Insurance: allows the Donor to give much more to a charity than would otherwise be possible. Without interfering with your family’s inheritance, you can provide a large, separate gift to FCHS Foundation. This helps to guarantee the future of the hospital and reduces its fund-raising expenses. The premiums are tax deductible.

5. Wealth Replacement Life Insurance: The Donor makes a present or deferred gift to FCHS while living, then purchases life insurance to replace the value of this gift on death to his/her heirs. Tax benefits apply during the Donor’s lifetime, making this an attractive option. Also, there is no tax on the benefits to the heirs at the time of death.

6. Gift of Securities: Your gift of securities can sustain local health care.

During times of economic prosperity, you most likely appreciated gains on your holdings. If you are paying capital gains taxes, you are probably well aware that you can donate publicly listed securities to charities in Canada without incurring any capital gains tax.

During an economic downturn, you may be looking at capital losses on your holdings. If your
security value has depreciated and you are thinking of disposing of it, consider donating the cash proceeds to a charity. You will receive a tax credit that you can use against other income.

Working together, we can ensure that no matter what tomorrow holds, whether it is new procedures, technologies, or medications, the hospital will be here ready to provide top-notch care to you and your loved ones. Together, we will sustain Four Counties Health Services, our community hospital.

Simply download and complete our Gift of Securities Form. Forward the form to your broker/investment advisor who will handle the transfer and forward a copy to Four Counties Health Services Foundation.

If you need more information or have any questions, please contact:

Martha Wortner
FCHS Foundation Administrative Assistant
Office: 519 693 4441 x 2438
Cell: 519 784 4307

If you are considering a Planned Giving strategy, advice from your lawyer, financial planner, or insurance professional is crucial. They will be able to assist you in setting up a plan that is best for you. If your financial advisor wishes some information to assist you, please encourage them to contact the Foundation office.

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Charity BN/Registration # 11892 9546 RR0001