FCHS Foundation: Mission, Vision, and Values


To build relationships that support Four Counties Health Services by raising awareness of critical equipment needs and encourage community ownership through giving


To Ensure Quality Healthcare Close to Home


To be guided by our values in our relationship with our donors, our hospital, our communities and each other, we live the following:

Trust – Integrity – Respect – Accountability – Team Work

FCHS Foundation Overview

The affairs of the Foundation are governed and overseen by a Board consisting of:

  • 9 Elected Directors
  • 3 Ex-Officio Directors Appointed by MHA, FCHS, and FCHS Auxiliary

Ministry of Health DOES NOT fund the purchase of hospital medical equipment, which is defined by FCHS policy as any equipment valued over $3,000

  • This is the reason why we reach out to our community raising awareness of need
  • FCHS medical equipment is purchased through the generous support of our donors

Since 1987, FCHS Foundation has contributed over $9,000,000 to support medical purchases at Four Counties Health Services

How Does Your Support Impact Our Hospital?

  • Provides State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment for Patient Care
  • Allows the Hospital to Increase Number of Procedures
  • Reduces Wait Times
  • Keeps Care Close to Home

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

FCHS Foundation - Our History - 1984 - 2023

In October 1984, the forming of a fundraising committee of the hospital board with representation from the four counties catchment area had a goal to raise of $575,000.

By May 1986, the fundraising committee had raised $464,889, with a further $35,000 pledged. The committee had reached $500,000 or 86% of their goal.

The board realized then that fundraising for the hospital was going to be an ongoing need as equipment reached end of life or became obsolete. The need to replace or introduce new medical equipment continues to be paramount to this day, as governments do not provide funding for capital medical equipment.

In January 1987, the Four Counties General Hospital Foundation was established. The foundation was ‘chartered’ on April 22, 1987. The Role of the Foundation was to ‘Generate, Receive, Manage and Disburse’ donations to Four Counties General Hospital.

Some statistics that may be of interest, funds raised from January 1987 to March 2022 are over $11.1M in donations plus investment and interest income of $1.35M for a total of $12.4M.

Over this same period, FCHS Hospital has received over $8.8M for projects and medical equipment funded by your donation via the foundation.

The foundation continues to maintain and hold funds in various investments.

In 1997 when the Hospital name changed to Four Counties Health Services, the foundation also changed our name to Four Counties Health Services Foundation.

Fund raising for 2022/2023 includes several pieces of equipment to be located in the Emergency, Diabetes, Lab, IT, In Patient Departments for a total of $260,899.

Leaders and Staff - Past to Present

Past & Present Board Chair (FCHS Foundation)

1987 88 – Reed Menzies (Charter Chair)
1989 90 – John Trupish
1991 93 – Lorne Munro
1994 – Joanne Nevin
1994 – Dave Ballentine
1995 – Ross Brewer
1996 – 97 – Dale Peters
1998 – 99 – Anne Gilroy
2000 – 01 – Jim McKellar
2002 03 – Hugh Palmer
2003 – 05 – Judy McIntyre
2005 07 – Don Weekes
2007 – Susanne Spence Wilkins
2007 – 09 – Marigay Wilkins
2009 – 2011 – Margaret Ann Wright
2011 – 2017 – Paula Downs
2017 – Tom Jeffery

Four Counties Health Services (FCHS) is a primary care facility providing emergency care, diagnostic services, and rehabilitation. Serving approximately 23,000 residents, it is located in the village of Newbury at the intersection of Chatham-Kent, Lambton, Middlesex and Elgin Counties.

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